Home Liaison

We in St. Francis School are lucky to be part of the Home School Community Liaison Scheme. As the H.S.C.L. Teacher my job is to work with parents and groups in the community. This means we keep close links between our teachers, our families and the local community.

There is a close partnership between the parents and teachers in our school. Any time you call in you will find parents helping in a classroom or busy at a course!

The kinds of activities parents are involved in include

Self Development Courses                                 IMG_1874



Maths For Fun

Group Work


Fund Raising.

We depend on our parents’ support in this school and are very grateful for all the ways they help us. Thanks to them our school is definitely a more interesting and enjoyable place to learn!

If you would like to get involved or hear more about what goes on drop in to the Parents’ Room anytime and talk to me. I’d love to see you!